Pomegranate: The Super Fruit

Randall Weiseman General

pomegranateMany people don’t realize how useful the parts of a pomegranate can be. Cindy Weinstein, the president of the Florida Pomegranate Association, says that marketing efforts are being made in order to let consumers know of the beneficial uses that pomegranates offer to multiple fields.

Weinstein says that pomegranate antioxidant research is happening to put pomegranates in the medical and cosmetic fields. She says the studies are still ongoing, but the results will help the pomegranate industry find new ways to be involved in different marketing areas.

Pomegranate flowers have been studied and have great usage for natural dye, says Weinstein. Weinstein also added that the roots of pomegranate trees are being tested for worming of ruminant animals.

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