Baseball and Peanuts

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peanuts-and-baseballPeanuts and baseball have been paired together for a long time, and now that the 2016 Major League baseball season is underway, Tyron Spearman reports fans across the country are enjoying peanuts at their favorite ballpark.

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From the National Peanut Board:

Peanuts and baseball have been a perfectly powerful pair since the early twentieth century. Early April now signals the opening day of baseball season, and one that all sports fans and baseball media look forward to since the last out of the World Series.

To coincide with this moment in time and position peanuts as a favorite ballpark snack, National Peanut Board executed an influencer campaign activation to drive excitement with media, social influencers (those with large followings on social media outlets) and consumers online.

With the help of the Peanut Vendor, branded baseball-themed media kits which were equipped with bags of Hampton Farm in-shell peanuts were sent to influential consumers and 30 key national, regional and local baseball and lifestyle reporters.

Reporters tweeted out facts provided by National Peanut Board and shared their excitement for helping to get them ready for the season by keeping them fueled with peanuts.

The Peanut Vendor also joined influential social media conversations with the likes of popular baseball players such as Atlanta Braves’ pitcher Jason Grilli and teams such as Philadelphia Phillies. Both the organic and paid engagement rates of the social content well outperformed industry benchmarks for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and nonprofit categories.

These combined focused efforts helped insert the National Peanut Board into the opening day dialogue, one that’s been dominated primarily by game-related coverage and conversation. Results include more than 2.5 million total impressions, more than 104 social engagements and 10 social media placements.