Two Important Beef Checkoff Reports Released

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From the Cattlemen’s Beef Board:

beef-checkoff-logo(SAN DIEGO – Jan. 27, 2016) – The 2015 Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB) Annual Report and 2015 Beef Checkoff Evaluation Report were released today from the 2016 Cattle Industry Convention in San Diego.

The CBB Annual Report now is available at, and the 2015 Evaluation of Beef Checkoff Programs from the checkoff’s Joint Evaluation Advisory Committee is available at Both reports are delivered in electronic form only, though the publishing program used allows for transformation to a pdf document for easy self-printing.

Included in the Annual Report is an overview of revenues and expenditures for fiscal 2015, as well as summaries of results from each Beef Board budget category, including promotion, research, consumer information, industry information, foreign marketing, and producer communications.

The goal of the publication is to demonstrate to beef producers and importers who pay into the checkoff not only how their dollars are being invested, but also the results of those investments. (In addition to the direct link above, all CBB annual reports since the start of the national checkoff program are available through, under the “Resources” tab.)

“Fiscal year 2015 brought us a combination of the best and the worst of times in the cattle industry,” 2015 CBB Chairman Jimmy Maxey notes in his letter to checkoff investors. “The good news? We maintained substantial gains in beef demand throughout the fiscal year, thanks in great part, to our Beef Checkoff Program. While we certainly can’t control the marketplace, maintaining strong demand through the roughest times gives us the best possible outcome given the marketplace fluctuations. Beef checkoff efforts are largely designed to address building long-term demand in domestic and foreign markets rather than short-term market volatility.”

Included in the Evaluation Report is a review of the effectiveness every tactic in every national program approved for completion in fiscal 2015. The evaluation process has evolved over the years and is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of how effective programs have been at achieving measurable objectives stated in the Authorization Requests approved by the Beef Promotion Operating Committee. All programs are developed to support the Beef Industry Long Range Plan.

This year’s evaluation includes a one-page summary of all programs showing the status of dollars spent, progress against program objectives (e.g., Not Achieved, Achieved, Exceeded), and specific program feedback from Qualified State Beef Councils (QSBCs). Each individual program summary includes an overview of performance against each program tactic; contractor remarks for all objectives; a brief evaluation summary on program evolution and highlights; and a graphic representation of state beef council feedback on programs that states adapted for local use during the fiscal year.

“Overall, in fiscal 2015, 85 percent of all program tactical objectives were achieved or exceeded,” said CBB Member and Evaluation Committee Chairman Chuck Coffey. “Only 9 percent of objectives were not achieved, and 6 percent are still in progress. It’s important to note, too, that state beef council directors were pleased with 2015 national checkoff programs, with the overall rating from states hitting 8.1 on a scale of one to 10. All of the information derived from this process is important in our planning efforts for next year, as we want to invest our checkoff dollars in the most effective and efficient manners possible toward building consumer demand for beef.”

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