Nutrition- A Consumer-Producer Connection

Josh McGill Alabama, Beef, Florida, General, Georgia

The growing trend in connecting food consumers with producers, and why humans aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits

World Health Organization-COOL meat counterConsumers want to know more – and want more – from their food. And that demand is especially strong for foods with increased nutritional content. Consumers are taking their demands right to the producers, and the producers are listening. Cathy Isom has the story.

As a registered dietician and nutritionist, Nikki Putnam of All Tech says producers are doing so through natural enrichment. Looking at increasing trace mineral content and or specific fatty acid content as examples. And this offers a dual benefit. Improved nutrition for the consumers as well as improved animal health through better nutrition.

Putnam adds this is part of the growing and more direct relationship consumers are having with producers of their food.

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