California Growers Look to Florida for Answers on HLB

Josh McGill Citrus, Florida, General

20151208_095637Many efforts have been made to try to mitigate huanglongbing (HLB) since the disease first appeared in Florida in 2005. Now, 10 year later, growers are equipped with an arsenal of tools to help them stay one step ahead of the disease. However, all of these tools come with very high costs. With HLB just recently showing up in California, growers there are looking at what Florida citrus growers are doing to stay in business. At a recent HLB tech summit in California, growers met to look at technologies being utilized in Florida to combat HLB. Mike Irey, director of research and business development for Southern Gardens Citrus in Clewiston, spoke at the seminar. Irey said it is important to sort out which tools are most effective if growers hope to alleviate their high costs.

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