Silbermann Attends FNV Live event in Norfolk, VA

Josh McGill General

Newark, Del — Teens and celebrity icons teamed up Nov. 20 to celebrate fruits and vegetables and spread the word about FNV. The sold-out FNV Live event at the Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA, advanced the initiative’s goal to change how teens look at fruits and vegetables.

PMA supports FNV, and CEO Bryan Silbermann attended the event, noting: “I was blown away by what I saw that evening. From beginning to end, there was an overflow of energy and engagement, and I saw the FNV campaign truly come to life. Teens were getting excited about fresh produce.”

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, actress and businesswoman Jessica Alba, actress/singer songwriter Jordin Sparks, actress Gabrielle Union and more thrilled the crowd with their appearances throughout the event. “These iconic figures lent their star power to fruits and vegetables, sharing the love of fresh produce,” Silbermann said.

Grammy-award-winning singers Ashanti and Estelle delivered powerful live performances that energized the audience and got them up on their feet. Soccer freestylers, Indi and Skye Cowie, showcased their talent to demonstrate the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. The sisters incorporated various fruits into their act.

Social media superstars Nash and Hayes Grier joined the Cowie sisters in an interactive challenge, tossing fruits and vegetables with their feet.

Alba reminded the audience of teens’ influence. She urged everyone to join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #TeamFNV.

After thanking the audience for their help in launching FNV, First Lady Michelle Obama also urged everyone to join Team FNV to share the amazing power of fruits and vegetables.

The Partnership for a Healthier America’s FNV initiative aims to change how teens experience fruits and vegetables: to make fruits and vegetables more desirable—and seen as food teens want to eat versus food they have to eat.

Editor’s note: Visit PMA’s Flickr page to view photos from the event, including PMA CEO Bryan Silbermann with social media celebrities Nash and Hayes Grier.