Citrus Box Tax Critical to HLB Research

Josh McGill Citrus, Florida, General

Citrus Research and Development FoundationDetails are beginning to be released to growers and the industry about the upcoming referendum on the box tax that is critical to the Citrus Research and Development Foundation (CRDF).

AgNet Media will be featuring news and information about this important process through all our media platforms, so growers can have access to the information regardless of which membership organization(s) they belong to, or whether they are members of any or not.

All commercial citrus growers will have a vote in the upcoming referendum. A majority vote as determined by both the acreage represented, and by the total number of growers in the pool, is required for passage.

Industry leaders agree that the continued funding of CRDF from the grower box tax is critical to continuing the foundation’s efforts in the fight against HLB.

Following is the timeline for the referendum process:

October 26, 2015 – Florida Citrus Mutual recommends a referendum to Commissioner
November 15, 2015 – Determine wording of referendum
November 20, 2015 – Post notice of hearing
December 1, 2015 – Hearing scheduled
December 2-10 – Comment period
December 11, 2015 – Notice referendum in FAR/letters to industry
December 14-16 – Publish in newspapers
December 21, 2015 – Publish of notice
January 18, 2016 – Mail ballots
February 9, 2016 – Return ballots
February 19, 2016 – Certify and publish results

By clicking here you will find the latest report from the CRDF, a two-page printable PDF document, just published in recent days.

Harold Browning

Harold Browning

Also, for an excellent overview of where CRDF came from, where it’s been and what it has accomplished, growers will want to hear this exclusive interview with CRDF Chief Operations Officer Harold Browning, as he fields questions about CRDF and the box tax process that provides its critical funding. This is important information growers are urged to consider as they will soon be asked to vote on whether or not the box tax will continue.

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Stay tuned to AgNet’s daily radio network reports and to this website, and be on the lookout for upcoming issues of Citrus Industry magazine for more information as things come to light.