Joan Kyle Retires from “Nutrients for Life”, Offers Kudos to Florida FFA

Josh McGill Florida, General, Industry News Release


Joan and husband Mel Kyle Celebrate at the FFAA Annual Meeting Banquet in Naples.

While at the Florida Fertilizer and Agrichemical Association’s annual meeting this summer we were able to catch up to Joan Kyle, who most in the industry know as the Florida Regional Representative for “Nutrients for Life.” Joan told us this summer’s FFAA meeting is her final “official” appearance on behalf of Nutrients for Life, as she plans to retire soon after and join her husband Mel in their agricultural consulting business. We’ve interviewed Joan on numerous occasions over the years as she worked with companies and youth organizations to enhance the efforts of “Telling the Farm Story” throughout the land. We decided this was a golden opportunity to talk to her one last time, so she can update our followers about the Nutrients for Life program, what it means to the state’s farmers, ranchers and “ag youth,” and most of all, what it does to educate consumers about the industry. Congratulations Joan on work well done. Joan’s replacement is Amy Guevara,

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