Tree T-Pee Goes to the Sharks

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Johnny Georges of Arcadia FL, who recently appeared on the ABC television show “Shark Tank,” received a $150,000 investment in his Tree T-Pee product, which serves as a water-saving and freeze protection device for tree growers. Here is a video from his appearance on the show.

UPDATE: Dec 18, 2014
This is the Shark Tank’s most memorable and emotional pitch in ABC Shark Tank history and one of the best pitches ever. Tree-T-Pee (TreeTeePee), from Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 7, the device for watering trees more efficiently for agribusinesses, made most of the Sharks cry and so do the audience. It shows that doing business and doing good for society can be together. Tree-T-Pee is the smart choice. It’s a water containment system that saves water, protects trees from frost and grows stronger trees. It made a deal with John Paul DeJoria, who just came to Shark Tank as a guest Shark.

Tree-T-Pee is made in the USA and 100% recycled plastic. It has been operated and developed by Johnny Georges, who wholeheartedly aims to help farmers. Tree-T-Pee system was formerly invented by Johny’s father, Rick Georges, who taught and inspired Johny to make a difference for farmers.