Holmberg Citrus Nursery: “Ultimate Citrus Resets” Offer A Head Start

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Holmberg Citrus Nursery 20-acre single enclosure is located in a remote area near Lithia, Florida
Holmberg Citrus Nursery structure spans 20 acres with plenty of room for expansion

Doug Holmberg Doug Holmberg has been producing high-quality citrus resets for Florida citrus growers for more than half a century and has amassed one of, if not Holmberg has a lot of citrus varieties at all stages of growth in many different container sizesTHE most extensive collections of citrus rootstocks and budwood trees in the industry at his remote Lithia, Florida citrus nursery location.

Twenty acres under a single sealed facility contains Holmberg Citrus Nursery operations, including 30 varieties of budwood trees, rootstocks, and all grafting and growing activities. Holmberg says he is set to expand further as needs arise. Listen at the link below as Doug explains what growers most want to know about his “ultimate citrus resets”. A sea of citrus trees in a wide variety of sizes, ages and varieties

Doug Holmberg with a reset Producing his first resets 51 years ago, Holmberg says his detailed and very successful budwood program has been the model for the state and industry since the mid-1970’s.

“The basis for the present budwood program is what I started in 1975,” Holmberg says, “We started with a disease free program and now the state has adopted it. Our thrust is on healthy trees.”

In fact, Holmberg’s citrus nursery program was the cover story for Citrus Industry Magazine in June 1993. You can talk to Doug directly by calling his Lithia office at 813-335-8800, or email him at dougsipad@gmail.com. See the short video news report from the Holmberg exhibit at Citrus Expo, and HEAR our complete interview with Doug Holmberg by clicking this audio icon.

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Operations Manager Eric Nething and Doug Holmberg review some resets and discuss production strategiesAlways the innovator, Holmberg points out his “Ultimate Citrus Resets” are unique in the industry and that growers who use them not only get a head start for their new settings, they also save money. With larger sleeves come bigger, stronger resets that require less spending in care during their first year in the ground. Photo right, Holmberg Farms Operations Manager Eric Nething and Doug Holmberg study some smaller resets and discuss production strategies. Doug Holmberg with one of his larger resets
“It’s simply a tree that we’re trying to get six months or a year with a much larger tree. We’re growing in a six-and-a-half inch sleeve…as opposed to a four-inch sleeve. Holmberg keeps fresh budwood trees in the pipelineIt’s literally three times the size of the four-inch sleeve,” Holmberg adds.

Doug Holmberg has been recognized numerous times for his many innovations in agriculture over the years, as put into practice in his own diversified nursery, cattle and citrus grove farming operations in Florida. Among his accolades, Holmberg was chosen as the 1999 Southeastern Farmer of the Year by Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Georgia, one of the most prestigious awards a farmer can win in the southeastern region of the U.S.