Citrus Expo Announces CEU Details

Tacy Callies Citrus, Citrus Expo News, Florida, General, International

Many growers have asked what type of CEUs will be available at this year’s Citrus Expo seminars. The event will offer a total of 8.5 Category CEUs: 5 on Aug. 18 and 3.5 on Aug. 19. Applicators can choose their category, according to what they need for their own particular license. The categories that were approved are: Private Applicator Ag, Ag Row Crop, Ag Tree Crop and Demo and Research. While Core CEUs will not be available at Citrus Expo, they can easily be earned from Citrus Industry magazine CEU articles posted online. Simply read an article and take the online test to earn your Core CEU. And be sure to look for a new Core CEU article coming soon in the September issue of Citrus Industry.