Bear Encounters and How to Deal with Nuisance Wildlife

Randall Weiseman Ag "Outdoors", Florida, General

Florida’s black bears are seen regularly in Northwest Florida during the spring as they search for food, as the woods provide them with all the sustenance they need, from berries to seasonal plants, but if given the opportunity of easy pickings bears will seek out residential areas for feasting. To address this and how to deal with other nuisance wildlife the University of Florida, IFAS, UF Extension offices of Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Escambia Counties have joined forces with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to address these issues at a free workshop which will be held at the Navarre High School, 8600 High School Blvd. Monday, May 24, 2010, 6:15 pm -8:00 pm.

Topics of discussion will be; Vertebrate pests, dealing with raccoons, armadillos, squirrels and woodpeckers.
Snakes on your property, identification and options to consider for control, debunking snake myths and what are snakes good for. Black bear encounters, how to reduce black bear attractants in your neighborhood, what to do if you encounter a black bear and how to protect pets from attacks.

For registration and additional information contact your local County Extension Office:

Santa Rosa County Extension Office: Phone 850-675-6654 or JDAtkins@IFAS.UFL.EDU
Okaloosa County Extension Office: Phone 850-689-5850 or
Escambia County Extension Office: Phone 850-475-5239 or