Brazil Citrus Tour June 19-26, 2010 Planned by UF/IFAS Extension

Gary Cooper Citrus, General, International

 Steve Futch Multi-County Citrus Agent Steve Futch reports the Extension Service will be conducting a Florida citrus grower tour to Brazil June 19-26, 2010. This tour will visit citrus sites in the State of Sao Paulo. Citrus producing areas near Limeira, Araraquara and Sao Jose do Rio Preto will be highlighted during the one-week tour. The final agenda listing locations visited will be available by mid-March. The approximate cost for the tour will vary depending on the number of participants and is estimated to be $3,400 if 10 participate or $2,800 if 15 participate. A $1,000 non-refundable deposit will be required by April 17, 2010. The above fee includes airline tickets (international and domestic), hotel accommodations and ground transportation.
The tour will depart from Miami on Saturday, June 19 (9:35 PM) and return to Miami on Saturday, June 26 (7:10 AM). Departure from other locations can be arranged, but at a slightly higher cost.
If interested in participating in this citrus tour, please contact Steve Futch at or by phone at 863-956-1151.