Citrus Industry “Squeezed” by New Book

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida, General

Ken Keck, FDOC Kristen Gunter, Florida Citrus Processors' AssociationThe recently released book “Squeezed…” is making the rounds and ruffling a few feathers in the process. It appears some claims made by the book’s author, while not necessarily inaccurate, may be confusing people because of a negative tone of the claims being made. After seeing some of the hype about the book and related articles appearing about it recently in some newspapers and other media around the country, we decided to seek out the other side of the orange juice industry story, so the businesses that provides the nation and world with orange juice would at least have this chance to set the record straight. In this series of eight separate short features, Florida Department of Citrus Executive Director Ken Keck (photo left) and Florida Citrus Processors Association representative Kristen Gunter (right) speak for the industry to address various specific claims made in this book. We appreciate both their cooperation in the production of this series.