Plum Creek Plants More than 12.2 Million Seedlings in Florida

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Planting efforts result in the regeneration and growth of millions of trees
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Gainesville, Fla. — Plum Creek Timber Company today announced this year’s spring planting exceeded 12.2 million seedlings in Florida. The effort is part of Plum Creek’s plan to regenerate and grow forests for future generations.

“This was an extremely productive year for our foresters, who managed the planting of millions of seedlings,” said Phil Parker, senior resource manager for Plum Creek in Florida. “This is huge undertaking which doesn’t end here, it continues with the nurturing and tracking of those trees for next 20 or more years. These seedlings ensure sustainability and jobs for one of Florida’s top industries: forestry.”

Each year, Plum Creek grows and plants genetically improved seedlings on its land nationwide. In 2009, approximately 70 million seedlings were planted across the country. Plum Creek’s six nurseries, which produce approximately 120 to 130 million seedlings each year, are dispersed across the United States with the southern locations in Georgia and Florida. The more than 12.2 million seedlings planted on the company’s Florida timberland this year were 69 percent loblolly pine, 29 percent slash pine and 2 percent longleaf and sand pine. Species selection is based on soil characteristics and projected growth rates.

All of Plum Creek’s timber holdings in Florida, and around the country, are managed to the standards of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® program, which fosters the perpetual growing, harvesting and regeneration of trees.

According to Parker, Plum Creek foresters ensure that within two years of harvesting, new seedlings are planted with seeds adapted for rapid growth in a wide range of geographical locations. To produce those seedlings, professional nursery teams use techniques that involve controlling temperature, moisture, light and providing a nutrient-rich environment.

“Plum Creek’s extensive experience in reforestation is a prime reason we can generate healthy forests throughout the state,” said Parker.

The seedlings planted in 2009 will grow for 12-15 years before they begin to be thinned and harvested so that the remaining trees can continue to grow. It’s a cycle that sustains Plum Creek’s forests as a destination for recreation, a habitat for wildlife and a source of timber for quality products.


Plum Creek is the largest and most geographically diverse private landowner in the nation, with approximately 7 million acres of timberlands in major timber producing regions of the United States and 10 wood products manufacturing facilities in the Northwest. In Florida, Plum Creek is the second largest private landowner in the state. The company practices sustainable forestry on its approximately 600,000 acres of forestland throughout the state. For more information, visit

Plum Creek in Florida
Timberland: 600,000 total acres in state
2009 Planting: 12.2 million seedlings