Brazil Trip Planned for Late May For Interested FL Citrus Folks

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida, General, International, Specialty Crops

We look forward to some of our radio listeners, website visitors and Citrus Industry Magazine readers joining us on this upcoming citrus study trip to Brazil. It’s another excellent opportunity for meaningful visits and study as the Florida Extension Service will be conducting a tour to visit the citrus industry in the states of Sao Paulo and Parana, Brazil. The tour will depart from Miami on May 23 and return on May 31, 2009. The citrus tour will visit groves in the Araraquara and Limeria area for three days. This part of the tour will focus mainly on citrus disease management with a special attention on citrus greening, CVC and other citrus pests. The three days spent in the state of Parana will focus mainly on citrus canker control strategies. In addition to the week-long citrus tour, participants can elect to visit the Citrus Week activities at the Sylvio Moreira Citrus Center in Cordeiropolis (May 30-June 2). The Citrus Week activities are very similar to the Citrus Expo with presentations and a large equipment show. The cost of the tour is $3,000 which includes airfare, hotel, ground transportation and limited meals. The optional days to attend the Citrus Week activities are an additional $550.
For more information on the tour or a complete itinerary, please contact Steve Futch at the Citrus Research & Education Center in Lake Alfred at 863-956-1151 or E-mail us at