New Blog Great Way to Connect with Fellow Foodies

Randall Weiseman General

Foodies who love to blog are invited to visit the recently launched Foodie News blog on the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Voice of Agriculture Web Site.

“The preferences of foodies, who generally are more discriminating than other consumers, continue to influence the food grown by America’s farmers and ranchers,” said Don Lipton, director of public relations for AFBF.

“We launched our Foodie News e-newsletter this year to give state Farm Bureaus the latest information and opinions on food trends in our country. America’s farmers and ranchers need to understand what their customers want, and we’ve received great reviews from folks who look to Foodie News each month to learn how the influence and opinions of foodies continue to impact what American agriculture produces.”

Lipton said the Foodie News blog is a natural adjunct to the e-newsletter.

“What’s unique about our Foodie News blog is that it is particularly targeted to Farm Bureau staff and members, yet it would also appeal to consumers. It’s a great way to interact with other farmers and ranchers across the country to learn what others in agriculture are doing to meet the needs of the foodie trend.”

Lipton encourages Farm Bureau members to check out the Foodie News blog and make a posting today.

“Respected food writer Mark Bittman says that people are taking food seriously again,” Lipton said. “Farm Bureau wants to help America’s farmers and ranchers be successful in producing the foods that people want and need. Farm Bureau members truly are a foodie’s best friend and the Foodie News blog is a great way to keep the lines of communication open.”