John Deere Introduces New Compact Tractors for Market Niches

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Deere In Sarasota, Florida this week John Deere officials displayed hundreds of tractors, many of them new models to become available in 2009, many of them geared toward the ‘lifestyle’ rural crowd and folks involved in things like citrus, nursery, vineyards and other agriculture operations. According to John Deere representatives on hand for the event, the new models coupled with the more traditional larger models target today’s farm equipment consumer no matter what size of the operation. Whether it be for the very large ag operations or the very small, and all in between, John Deere seems to be making a real effort to serve all market segments when it comes to farm and lawn care equipment. John Deere's Drive Green big rigIn this post herein you can listen to interviews and view documents we received from the John Deere folks this week in Sarasota, as they hosted agriculture media along with John Deere dealer representatives from throughout North America. Just click to see the rest of this post and you’ll find links to the interviews and other materials.

Barry NelsonIn this interview, John Deere spokesman Barry Nelson discusses some of the hot points about all the new tractors John Deere is introducing in 2009 to target specialty use needs and the growing “rural lifestyle” audience that is particularly expanding here in the deep southeast.

Several news releases and other documents were shared with ag media at the John Deere field day in Sarasota this week. Click Here to review a list of links to websites about John Deere’s new compact tractor lineup.

Farmers and consumers will be seeing a “Drive Green” big rig making the rounds in the deep southeast soon. John Deere’s Eric Hodson has had a lot to do with the Eric Hodsonplanning for an upcoming series of appearances by the Drive Green tractor display, where people can gather at dealerships and other agriculture events in the region to see and drive many of the new models being introduced. In this interview, Hodson discusses the Drive Green program and talks about when these new models will be available through local John Deere dealerships across the country.

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Rex EdmundsAlso on hand among the dozens of John Deere representatives for this week’s ag media field day in Sarasota, Florida was Rex Edmunds, who is based out of Deere’s Augusta, Georgia manufacturing facility. In this interview, Edmunds discusses the larger of the new Compact Tractor models and how the whole move by John Deere this year will effectively address the growing demands from specialty agriculture “rural lifestyle” consumers.
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