Citrus Crop Stats Administrator Looks Back Before Retirement

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida

Bob Terry, FL Ag Statistics ServiceIn these reports, reflections from a statistics legend when it comes to citrus crop forecasting. For years citrus folks worldwide have watched and listened for crop numbers often having great impact on markets and grower returns, particularly in October when annual crop forecasts are released. In the first two reports posted herein, Bob Terry talks about the most recent citrus crop report, the last he will preside over in his work at the Ag Statistics Service. In the second two reports posted below, Terry discusses highlights of his forty-year career focused on citrus crop stats, and talks about what is in store for his future. And in the fifth and final report posted herein, having been the voice of our “LIVE” broadcast and internet release of the October Crop Forecasts since we began the on-air releases more than a dozen years ago, Terry discusses the importance of timely dissemination of the crop numbers for growers and all others involved in the citrus business.
Listen To wma Report (1:30 mp3)Listen To wma Report (1:30 mp3)Listen To wma Report (1:30 mp3) Listen To wma Report (1:30 mp3)
Listen To wma Report (1:30 mp3)
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