FCPRAC Leader: “Greening is Different, it CAN Take Us Out…”

Gary Cooper Citrus, Energy, Florida

Peter McClure All Florida citrus growers should hear comments in these reports from grower Peter McClure, who heads up the Florida Citrus Production Research Advisory Council (FCPRAC). He says many Florida growers who remain apathetic to greening control may be out of business in the not-too-distant future. In one of these reports McClure also makes an interesting comparison between hard-fought-for dollars for greening research, and the much larger sums going into biofuels research for an industry that does not yet exist in Florida. The second report also has a wrap up about the recent series of grower meetings concerning the Citrus Health Response Plan (CHRP).
Listen To wma Report (2:00 mp3)
Listen To wma Report (2:00 mp3)
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