Poultry Houses Destroyed in Alabama

Randall Weiseman Alabama, Poultry

Montgomery – Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture & Industries Ron Sparks has confirmed that several poultry houses across South Alabama have been damaged and some destroyed due to thunderstorms and tornados that moved through the state on Thursday.

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“We currently have been able to confirm that at least 18 poultry houses have been destroyed along with another 10 to 15 receiving damage. This has affected anywhere from 150 to 200 thousand birds. We currently have Agriculture and Industries staff on site to aide in the proper disposal of the dead birds and our Agriculture Emergency Operations Center is operational and continues to compile damage assessments and coordinate responses. We will be working with the affected farmers, poultry companies, state and local Emergency Management authorities in any way we can until this situation is resolved.” Sparks stated.

Currently workers are trying to save as many remaining birds as possible and to minimize the impact to Alabama Agriculture.

Preliminary reports suggest that the agricultural losses will be approximately $1.5 to $2 million dollars.

Additional assessment reports will be issued as soon as possible.


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