Touring FL Citrus Country

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida, General, International

If you search this website’s posts back a few weeks, or simply click on the ‘international’ tab under citrus in the categories to the right, you’ll find some reports I filed from a Grapefruit Industry tour in Honduras mid-September. My Honduran host, Mr. Rene Laffite, is in Florida this week and we are taking the opportunity to return some hospitality. This morning we toured the Riverfront Packing facility as ruby reds are being packed for a variety of international destinations. We appreciate Riverfront’s Chief Operating Officer, Keith Salo, for touring us through the operation. In these photos, Salo (r) and Laffite view fruit on the packing line, and discuss shipping pallets for fresh fruit.
As you may recall if you saw my earlier reports from Honduras, all grapefruit grown in the Central American country goes to the export market, to European markets, and their shipping window is a couple months ahead of ours here in Florida.