Southeast AgNet Broadcaster Highlighted in National Newsletter

Randall Weiseman General

Here’s an excerpt taken from the USDA’s Broadcaster’s Newsletter highlighting a Southeast AgNet broadcaster Everett Griner of Moultrie, Georgia……

ANOTHER VETERAN . . . of both farm broadcasting and military service is Everett Griner (Southeast AgNet Radio Network, Ocala, FL).  His colleague, Gary Cooper, saw our Memorial Day tribute last week to Ed Slusarczyk, and it reminded him that Everett had served in both World War II and the Korean Conflict in two different branches of the military.  Gary believes that one of those tours was as a military policeman, and he’s told Gary many great stories. Like Ed, Everett is a long-time broadcaster, beginning his service to agriculture in the 1940’s.  He continues to voice a daily commentary on Southeast AgNet Radio Network called AgriView, and Gary describes Everett’s commentaries as “truly original each and every one.”  Many of those broadcasts are archived on the network’s website at  Topics he covered this week were Avian flu and the devastation from Texas range fires.  We know there are many farm broadcasters who have served their country and give tireless hours of public service to their communities every week, but it seems fitting to highlight their contributions during this time of remembrance.