Growing Your Own Edamame

Taylor Hillman This Land of Ours

Growing beans is easy, and Edamame is no exception.  Edamame is a type of soybean, thought only the dried form is used for making tofu and other soy products.  Their popularity stems from the fact that they’re extremely nutritious. Edamame beans are packed with protein and vitamins, including vitamin E. They’re also rich in antioxidants and contain a lot of …

Why Your Garden Needs Nasturtium

Taylor Hillman This Land of Ours

Nasturtium is a plant that vines out and is so attractive that many people plant them as additions to ornamental gardens. There are several varieties of nasturtium for just about whatever shape plant is needed: Some cascade, others climb, and still, others are bushy. They work well for borders, as pot plants, or for vertical gardening up walls or fences. …

You Should Consider Growing Wildflowers

Taylor Hillman This Land of Ours

Wildflowers come in many shapes and sizes. They come at different times of the year, blending a huge array of colors across the landscape. They do all of this without being planted, watered or preened over at all. There are plenty of reasons to plant them. For one, they are pretty inexpensive. They’re self-seeding which takes the extra work off …

urban farming

Why Aeration is Important for the Garden

Taylor Hillman General

In soil, aeration refers to the extent of air gaps. Aerated soil will equate to happier plants with plenty of oxygen. That can be as important as water, sun, and nutrients. You can typically notice a lack of oxygen in the soil when you look at the plants’ roots. If the roots have an abnormal shape, this means that the …


Telling The Story Project Saving Lives

Taylor Hillman This Land of Ours

Farmers, agricultural workers, and family and community members who’ve been impacted by injuries, fatalities, or close calls, want to make sure these life-changing incidents don’t happen to anyone else. That’s why a new project has been created to highlight personal stories and first-hand experiences. It’s called Telling the Story Project and it can be accessed on the web at …

peach crop

How to Grow Peach Tree at Home

Taylor Hillman Fruits, This Land of Ours

Peach trees come in all varieties and sizes. Dwarf (8-10 feet tall), Semi-Dwarf (12-20 feet tall) and full-sized trees up to 30-plus feet tall. So even if your space is small, you can still have your peaches. Rather than planting by seed, most people simply go to a nursery and buy a young tree. Ideally, the tree will be one-year-old, …


Food to Grow on a Balcony

Taylor Hillman This Land of Ours

Growing food at home can happen even when you don’t have a lot of outdoor space. A balcony, for example, can be the perfect setting with as little as ten or 20 square feet. These plants will do best in such compact settings and provide healthy, organic food in return. Such as Blueberries and Strawberries. They’ll do great in small …

Handling Raw Chicken

Taylor Hillman Poultry

Why experts say it’s okay if you don’t wash that raw chicken before it gets cooked. Cathy Isom explains in today’s This Land of Ours segment.