You Should Consider Growing Wildflowers

Taylor Hillman This Land of Ours

Wildflowers come in many shapes and sizes. They come at different times of the year, blending a huge array of colors across the landscape. They do all of this without being planted, watered or preened over at all. There are plenty of reasons to plant them. For one, they are pretty inexpensive. They’re self-seeding which takes the extra work off of our hands. They are great at attracting bees and butterflies, especially in or near our gardens when its time to pollinate tomatoes, squashes, and much more.

Wildflowers set down roots and spread out over an area, which helps control erosion. All you have to do is spread the seeds, walk on top of them so they sink into the ground and then they’ll take it from there. Many wildflowers are also edible. For example, Dandelions. They supply delicious leaves. Clover flowers are tasty as tea.