Prepare Information for New Calculator

Dan Cotton, Peanuts

To assist farmers in planning, the National Center for Peanut Competitiveness (NCPC) has launched the “2018 Seed Cotton Generic Base and Payment Yield Updating Calculator”. Tyron Spearman reports the calculator was developed by the NCPC after reviewing the text of the seed cotton provision in the recently passed budget agreement and disaster aid package. Prepare Information for New Calculator The …

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Seed Cotton Program Good for Georgia Agriculture

Dan Cotton, Industry News Release

In the wee hours of February 9, 2018, both houses of congress passed the Bi-Partisan Budget Agreement of 2018, which the President signed later that morning.  Within this legislation, a safety net program for seed cotton, the unginned cotton that producers harvest, was established.  This makes cotton a covered commodity under Title 1 of the Farm Bill, of which cotton …

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No Generic Base Could Mean Fewer Peanuts

Dan Peanuts

The budget agreement passed the House and Senate and signed by President Trump includes provisions for cotton farmers by making seed cotton eligible for Title 1 Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) and the Price Loss Coverage (PLC) programs. But due to new provisions for seed cotton, the generic base acres for farmers have been eliminated for the 2018 crop. And as …