Bloomberg Speculates Illegal Spraying Caused Dicamba Injuries

Dan Environment, Industry News Release

Illegal spraying seems to be the cause of a majority of crop damage earlier this year from dicamba-based herbicides. Given that BASF sold enough dicamba herbicide to cover roughly 52 percent of the dicamba-tolerant acres planted in Arkansas, Bloomberg speculates that a large quantity of off-label dicamba could have been used to fill the gap. Such versions of the herbicide …


NCGA Offers Reminder on Dicamba Label Changes

Dan Corn, Environment, Industry News Release

The National Corn Growers Association is urging farmers to be aware of the label changes for dicamba herbicides next year. NCGA says farmers interested in using dicamba as part of their crop strategy in the 2018 growing season need to be aware only certified applicators, or those under direct supervision will be allowed to apply the product. The Environmental Protection …

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EPA Announced Dicamba Label Changes

Dan Environment, Industry News Release

The Environmental Protection Agency Friday announced new restrictions for dicamba-based herbicides, classifying dicamba as a restricted-use product. The EPA said that only certified pesticide applicators, or people under their supervision, will be allowed to spray dicamba. The EPA also is reducing the maximum wind speed and the hours during each day when dicamba may be sprayed and will require farmers …


EPA Considering Dicamba Limits

Dan Environment, Industry News Release

The Environmental protection Agency is considering establishing limits to dicamba-based herbicides next year. Agriculture officials from several states that are advising the EPA on dicamba tell Reuters that the EPA is considering banning the use of dicamba after a cutoff date, likely in early 2018. The initiative is similar to rules being considered in Arkansas, which would ban the use …