Common Crop Chemical Leaves Bees Susceptible to Deadly Viruses

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By Sara LaJeunesse, Penn State University A chemical that is thought to be safe and is, therefore, widely used on crops — such as almonds, wine grapes and tree fruits — to boost the performance of pesticides, makes honey bee larvae significantly more susceptible to a deadly virus, according to researchers at Penn State and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Progress in Peanut Allergy Research

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Thanks to the groundbreaking LEAP Study released last year, the guidelines for early introduction of peanuts to infants are changing. And pediatricians appear to be getting, and embracing, the message that starting children on peanut products as early as four months may help prevent allergy development. Download Audio

Temperature Impacts on Global Wheat Yield

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A recent study shows that increases in temperature decrease wheat production globally. With wheat being the third largest crop produced in the world, the effects of climate change could cause a substantial impact on the human food source. Research by the University of Florida’s Senthold Asseng, a professor of the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department, conceded that increasing temperatures will …