USDA May Be Reorganized

Cindy General, USDA-NRCS

As a House Agriculture Subcommittee started mark up on its version of the conservation title of the 2007 Farm Bill this week, it was revealed that plans are in the works for a possible reorganization of USDA.

SWCS Holds Tri-State Meeting

Randall Weiseman Alabama, Florida, Georgia, USDA-NRCS

Soil & Water Conservation Society members from Alabama, Florida, & Georgia met last week to discuss water issues affecting the three states. We have several reports with stakeholders from the meeting. Report (1:00 wma) Report (1:00 wma) Report (1:00 wma)

Plant Materials Workshop

Cindy Alabama, Florida, General, USDA-NRCS

Conservationists and plant materials specialists will be gathering next week in Dauphin Island Alabama for a Plant Materials workshop. Florida state conservationist Niles Glasgow with USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service is chairman of the national Plant Materials Advisory Committee and he explains the background of this important program. Find out more about the NRCS Plant Materials Program. Report (1:30 wma)

Poultry Litter Sampling

Cindy Alabama, Field Crops, Poultry, USDA-NRCS

USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service in Alabama says poultry litter can be a valuable resource when properly applied as a fertilizer to pasture, hay, small grains and row crops, but to effectively use poultry litter as a fertilizer, nutrient content of the litter must be determined. Report (1:30 wma)