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USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service in Florida has teamed up with another USDA agency to help get the word out about an important deadline for EQIP & WHIP that’s upcoming.  Report (1:00 wma)  USDA NASS

Ag Climate Workshop

Cindy Florida, General

The Southeastern Climate Consortium is heading out into the field to help growers utilize the information that can be found on www.agclimate.org and get their feedback. The first agclimate.org workshop will be held in Homestead at the University of Florida Tropical research and education center on November 29. Report (1:30 wma)

FL Offers Livestock Assistance program

Randall Weiseman Cattle, Florida, Livestock

Federal funding has come to Florida in the form of the Livestock Assitance Grant Porgram to help producers in certain counties affacted by this years drought.  Report (1:00 wma) The program will not start till December 1st, but at that time you can click Here to learn more.

Beetles Have Helped But TSA Needs Management

Randall Weiseman Florida

Biological control of Tropical Soda Apple in Florida has seen success with a beetle, but control of the weed still needs an overall management plan.  Report (1:00 wma)

The Great Fall Season Escape

Gary Cooper Citrus, Florida, General, Georgia

It’s time again for the National Association of Farm Broadcasters convention in Kansas City, where I will be ending a two-year stint on the Board of Directors. One of the great pleasures of driving out each year is the stop over at Cousin Lee’s cabin at the foot of Lookout Mountain near Summerville Georgia, before moving on to hunt deer …

Grower Trials Reports 1, 2 & 3

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Word about this new Grower Trials website is getting around. For convenience sake find listed below three reports posted so far. Click on the titles below to go to the post containing that original story. From there you can click on the icons within the story to read the specific Grower Trial, and follow other instructions like clicking on the …