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Talking Peanuts at Growers Conference

Dan Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Peanuts

The 21st Annual Southern Peanut Growers Conference is underway at the Edgewater Beach & Golf Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida. The three-day event is providing farmers with information about peanut production, legislative issues, marketing and promotions. AgWired’s Chuck Zimmerman was able to catch up with the Executive Directors of the Alabama Peanut Producers Association, Florida Peanut Producers Association and Georgia Peanut Commission to talk …

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Georgia Cotton Commission on Cotton Leafroll Dwarf Virus

Dan Cotton, Georgia

Extension professionals in various states across the Southeast have noted the presence of cotton leafroll dwarf virus (CLRDV) in some fields. CLRDV is the causal agent of Cotton Blue Disease. And according Georgia Cotton Commission (GCC) Executive Director, Richey Seaton, the aphid transmitted disease is in Georgia.

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Private Analysis Projects Corn Acres at 79.6 Million

Dan Corn, Industry News Release

(NAFB) — A private analysis of farmland predicts U.S. planted acres of corn totals 79.6 million acres this year, 89 percent of the historical norm. also projects the national average yield could reach 156 bushels per acre, following an aerial photography survey. The effort measured more than 157,000 acres across a five-state area. AgMarket surveyed the corn crop the …

cotton leafroll

Cotton Leafroll Dwarf Virus Present in Alabama Cotton, Scouting Essential

Dan Alabama, Cotton, Industry News Release

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. (ACES) —Extension professionals have already confirmed the presence of Cotton leafroll dwarf virus (CLRDV)—the causal agent of Cotton Blue Disease—on multiple research substations across Alabama. The aphid transmitted disease has been monitored closely since its appearance in cotton fields during the fall of 2017. Kassie Conner, an Alabama Extension plant pathologist, said the virus was confirmed in …


FMC Continues to Grow U.S. Biologicals Portfolio

Dan Industry News Release, Research, Soybeans

Submits two new strains for EPA approval (FMC) — FMC Corporation has announced the submission of two new active ingredient microbial pesticide strains, RTI 301 and RTI 477, and associated formulated products to the EPA Office of Pesticide Programs Biopesticides and Pollution Prevention Division (BPPD). Submissions have also been made in the EU and field work is continuing in Canada …