cash rents

Downward Pressure Expected on 2018 Cash Rents

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

As commodity prices fell over the past few years, many landowners across the country agreed to lower cash rents. The annual LandOwner/Pro Farmer Cash Rent and Values Survey shows a majority of the respondents expecting cash rents to continue their lower trend in 2018. LandOwner consultant and columnist Mike Walsten says the survey also shows the focus on lowering cash …


Purdue Releases 2018 Ag Economic Sector Forecasts

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

The Agricultural Economics Department at Purdue University released a 2018 Ag Outlook Report that contained 12 different articles looking at different aspects of the Ag economy. Just some of the aspects covered include cash rents, farmland values, and the price outlook for corn and soybeans. Professor Craig Dobbins says that reducing input costs has been a priority for farmers since …


Investment Firms Once Again Purchasing Farmland

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

Wall Street investment firms are once again putting money into farmland. Institutional investors are buying up farmland as farmers, who would normally be competing for the land, are hanging on to their cash. This investment money can mean different things for local ag communities. Some institutions will purchase land and lease it back to a farmer, who can then continue …


Analyzing Profitability on the Farm

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Analyzing profitability is critical on the farm. But studying profits and production can cost producers time. Syngenta offers the AgriEdge Excelsior® whole-farm management program to help speed up that process. Joe Goodman, a Syngenta AgriEdge® specialist explains. Speed The program offers an in-depth economics component for growers. Economics Through the examination of the farm, AgriEdge Excelsior can help growers increase …

farmland value

Farmland Values Still High Despite Low Commodity Prices

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

Industry experts are scratching their heads over the relatively high price of farmland while commodity prices are still low. The two factors often have a strong correlation between each other. Farm Futures Dot Com quotes Steve Bruere, President of the land-brokerage firm Peoples Co. of Iowa as saying, “Strong farmland values defy logic in a lot of ways.” He says …


Groups Want Tax-Extender Bill Passed in 2017

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

More than 50 groups representing a wide scope of businesses sent a letter this week to Congress asking for approval of a multi-year extension of a series of expired tax credits. The groups attaching their names to the letter represent energy, agriculture, business, transportation, and real estate. The groups, which include the American Farm Bureau and National Biodiesel Board, say …


Tax Bill Passage Means Lower Taxes for Farmers

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

Congress is providing farmers and ranchers with a last-minute holiday gift: lower tax bills in the future. A tax code overhaul passed by both the House and Senate this week makes many changes to the tax code that will benefit farmers and ranchers. American Farm Bureau Federation tax specialist Pat Wolff says the bill includes lower individual tax rates. Tax …


Agriculture Secretary Perdue Comments on Tax Reform

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue calls the recently passed tax reform bill a “once-in-a-generation” reform of the federal tax code. Calling tax reform an eagerly awaited Christmas present for taxpayers, Perdue says “tax paying people of American agriculture need relief.” In his statement, Perdue offered thanks to President Trump and commended Congress for passage of the legislation. He says most family …