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Supreme Court Want Quick Response on Citrus Veto

from: News Service of Florida The Florida Supreme Court on Wednesday gave Gov. Rick Scott’s administration until noon Monday to respond to a lawsuit challenging the governor’s veto of $37.4 million intended to go to residents whose healthy citrus trees were cut down as the state tried to eradicate the citrus canker disease. The Supreme Court set the deadline after …


Citrus Industry Tightens Belt Amid Industry Woes

by Jim Turner, News Service of Florida The Florida Department of Citrus plans to continue to squeeze its operations during the coming year as the industry struggles, though travelers will still be able to receive free orange juice at state welcome centers. The Florida Citrus Commission, which oversees the department, approved a preliminary $17.5 million operating budget Wednesday that would …

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Citrus Greening Plant Disease Detected in Alabama

A plant disease that presents a serious threat to the U.S. citrus industry has been detected in Alabama. Federal and state plant health officials have confirmed the identification of citrus greening (CG), also known as Huanglongbing or HLB, which is caused by the bacterial pathogen Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus. This is the first confirmation of citrus greening in Alabama despite biannual …


Citrus Growers ‘Still Fighting’ Amid Tough Season

News Service of Florida A leader of Florida’s struggling citrus industry offered a positive view after getting a slight increase Friday in the decades-low harvest forecast for the current growing season. Shannon Shepp, executive director of the Florida Department of Citrus, expressed some optimism after the U.S. Department of Agriculture forecast Friday that growers in Florida would produce enough oranges …

Agri View: Sweet Satsuma

  Everett Griner talks about the sweet Satsuma orange coming in today’s Agri View.     Well, it looks like the Satsuma orange is on the verge of becoming one of America’s favorite fruits. Most people know very little about the Satsuma orange. It is small, it is seedless, it is juicy and it is sweet. It peels like a …


Perdue Discusses Citrus, Organics and NAFTA

  New Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue testified before the House Agriculture Committee Wednesday, and was asked various questions from those who serve on that committee. One of those was Darren Michael Soto from Orlando, Florida, the U.S. Representative for Florida’s 9th district. Congressman Soto asked Perdue about citrus greening.   Congressman Soto also asked Perdue about organics and NAFTA.