Dusting in Peanuts

Randall Peanuts

According to USDA’s National Agriculture Statistics Service, many peanut growers are dusting in dryland peanuts right now.  Report (1:00 wma) USDA NASS

Jackson: Box Tax Proposals Positive Step Forward for FCIRCC

Katherine Citrus

In this report John Jackson, FCIRCC, explains that the research box tax will help the Florida Citrus Industry Research Coordinating Council move forward with citrus research that has been struggling due to lack of funds. Report (:55 wma) Listen to other comments on the box tax rate proposals

Agriculture Provisions in Immigration Bill

Cindy General, Specialty Crops

The immigration proposal being considered this week by the Senate is long, complication and controversial – and no one seems to like all of it. American Farm Bureau Federation labor specialist Paul Schlegel says one provision that is helpful to agriuclture establishes what is called a “Z” Visa for undocumented workers. Report (1:30 wma)

Tiny Hole in the Dam. That’s All It Takes.

Dan Agri View

What does a good education consist of?  Where is the agricultural programs in the schools system?  Everett Griner checks out this and gives us his take on it, along with what the scissors take out first in the funding area.  Report (1:00 wma)

Senators Try to Save Peanut Fees

Randall Peanuts

There are Senators from peanut growing areas who are working to save storage & handling fees for peanuts. Tyron Spearman has the details.  Report (:45 wma)

CCC Sells More Peanuts

Randall Peanuts

Tyron also has a look at the latest peanut sales info from the Commodity Credit Corporation.  Report (:25 wma)

SWCS Holds Tri-State Meeting

Randall Alabama, Florida, Georgia, USDA-NRCS

Soil & Water Conservation Society members from Alabama, Florida, & Georgia met last week to discuss water issues affecting the three states. We have several reports with stakeholders from the meeting. Report (1:00 wma) Report (1:00 wma) Report (1:00 wma)

FL Farm Bureau Conducting Member Survey

Randall Florida

Members of the Florida Farm Bureau Federation are urged to take part in a survey which is available on-line.  Report (:30 wma) To learn more or get a copy of the survey, Click Here