Uncertainty is the Buzz Word Around the Peanut Market

Dan Peanuts

The USDA didn’t rock the market this past week predicting that acreage in peanuts would be down 1 percent for the coming year. Tyron Spearman spoke with some brokers about the market and reports that “uncertainty” has been the buzz word around the peanut market these past few weeks.

peanut crop

Peanut Antitrust Litigation Settlement Moving Forward

Dan Peanuts

For peanut growers who filed claims in the antitrust litigation settlement, funds are being distributed. But according to Tyron Spearman, those who filed a claim in 2021 must submit a W-9 by March 31, 2022 in order to receive those funds. Click here to learn more about the notice regarding the proposed settlement.

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Preparing for the 2022 Peanut Crop

Dan Peanuts

No changes have been made in peanut contracts being offered, as growers prepare for the upcoming season. Tyron Spearman has a look at various factors before seed goes into the ground for this year’s crop.


Peanut Market is Quiet

Dan Peanuts

As peanut farmers are trying to prepare for the 2022 season, the market is quiet right now. As Tyron Spearman reports, this is mostly due to the uncertainty and unrest right now.