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Florida Forest Service Accepting Applications to Help Landowners Combat Devastating Southern Pine Beetle

Dan Florida, Forestry, Industry News Release

To help combat the invasive Southern Pine Beetle, which is currently present in 52 infestation sites throughout six Florida counties, the Florida Forest Service is accepting applications for the 2018 Southern Pine Beetle Assistance and Prevention Program from non-industrial, private forest landowners through June 29, 2018.  The program is limited to 44 northern Florida counties, the known range of the …

pine beetle

Agri View: Pine Beetle Outbreak

Dan Agri View, Forestry

Everett Griner talks about the damage the southern pine beetle outbreak is causing to pine trees in today’s Agri View. Pine Beetle Outbreak There are more pine trees in America than any other kind. More pines are cut, and the lumber has more uses than any other type of tree. But, the southern pine beetle has struck again. Right now, …