Tax Reform Details to be Decided May Affect Agriculture

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

A senior member of the Senate Finance Committee is predicting some of the missing details affecting agriculture in the Senate GOP tax reform bill. Former Senate Finance Chair Chuck Grassley says while many tax reform details are yet to be decided, some are starting to take shape. Grassley suggests tax writers already have a figure in mind, for ‘stepped-up basis’ …


Grassley Weighs in on Latest Threats to Withdraw From Trade Agreements

Dan Industry News Release, Trade

A key U.S. ag senator has weighed in on President Trump’s latest threats to withdraw from trade agreements, including one with strategically important South Korea, the KORUS agreement. Longtime Senate Ag Republican Chuck Grassley doesn’t think ditching a trade deal with one of America’s biggest trading partners in ag and manufacturing, South Korea, makes much sense But like NAFTA, now …