Dangerous Avocado Pathogen Grows Faster in Cooler Temperatures

Dan Florida, Fruits, Specialty Crops

A University of Florida scientist has some new data that avocado growers might consider: The disease grows faster in the fall or winter than in the summer, so growers may want to look for Laurel Wilt more closely during the winter. Laurel wilt has been ravaging Florida’s avocados, which have a UF/IFAS-estimated $100 million-a-year economic impact on the state. UF/IFAS …


UF Scientists Trying to Control Avocado Pathogen

Dan Fruits, Research

University of Florida experts are trying to find ways to prevent Laurel Wilt, the pathogen endangering the state’s $100 million-a-year avocado industry, from spreading. They recently took their data to California to talk with scientists, growers, and regulators there. AgNet Media’s Taylor Hillman talked with Jonathan Crane, UF/IFAS professor of horticultural sciences and tropic fruit extension specialist, about the disease …