Indoors or Outdoors, Horticulture and Holidays Go Together

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(USDA/NASS) — With the holiday season upon us, you may have missed the recent release of the 2019 Census of Horticultural Specialties Report. This 2017 Census of Agriculture special study is the only source of detailed production and sales data for floriculture, nursery, and specialty crops for the entire United States. Although the number of horticulture operations declined 11% from the last …

USDA is Starting Data Collection for Census of Horticulture

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USDA is collecting data for a special study called the 2019 Census of Horticulture. Stephanie Ho reports that officials are asking if you get a Census form, to please respond. Sponsored ContentNuseed Carinata Covers New GroundJuly 15, 2024CIR Agriculture Harvester ProductsJuly 1, 2024TriEst Ag Group: Partners in ProfitabilityApril 1, 2024