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Organic Field Crop Production Numbers Rising

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Organic farming is a rapidly growing segment of U.S. agriculture. Organic vegetables, fruits, and livestock make up the bulk of the entire segment. However, a new USDA report shows organic field crops are making gains in the number of acres planted and overall value. The National Ag Statistics Service released the numbers showing that U.S. farms and ranches produced $7.6 …

Wind Turbines May Benefit Crops

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An Iowa State University study is suggesting that turbines used to capture wind energy may have a benefit on crops in the fields. Gene Takle, a distinguished professor of both Agronomy as well as Geological and Atmospheric Sciences, says wind turbines disbursed throughout a field may create air turbulence that helps plants by affecting different variables, including air temperature and …

Save Money, Water and Other Resources

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UF/IFAS researcher: Taller, thinner crop beds save money, water, other resources From UF/IFAS By: Beverly James Looking out over thousands of acres of tomatoes, Miguel Talavera, director of East Coast growing operations at Pacific Tomato Grower, Ltd., marvels at the narrow lanes of fruit that are thriving in the hot Florida sun. Talavera credits increase in yield and a decrease …