Farm Real Estate Values Jump Sharply Higher

Dan Economy

The Federal Reserve Survey of Agricultural Credit Conditions shows that farmland values rose in the third quarter of this year. The value of non-irrigated cropland rose by at least 12 percent in all of the participating Districts in the survey. The rapid increase was consistent in most states, with annual increases of more than 20 percent in some areas. Supporting …


Agri View: Current Land Prices

Dan Agri View, Economy

Everett Griner talks about current land prices in today’s Agri View. Everett looks at the different land values. He also explains some of the different things one might need to know if selling their land. Current Land Prices Farmers, both those with land to sell and those looking for land to buy, stay alert to land values across most of …


Farmland Values Still High Despite Low Commodity Prices

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

Industry experts are scratching their heads over the relatively high price of farmland while commodity prices are still low. The two factors often have a strong correlation between each other. Farm Futures Dot Com quotes Steve Bruere, President of the land-brokerage firm Peoples Co. of Iowa as saying, “Strong farmland values defy logic in a lot of ways.” He says …