Farmers for Free Trade Unhappy with Tariff Escalation

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Farmers for Free Trade Executive Director Brian Kuehl says he’s unhappy the White House is ratcheting up the trade war. While more tariffs on Chinese goods are set to go into effect in two weeks, he says the President is telling farmers to be patient as prices plummet and their markets are overtaken by foreign competitors. “That’s why with each …

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American Soybean Association Joins Farmers for Free Trade

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The American Soybean Association this week announced it will join Farmers for Free Trade. Representing soybean farmers across the nation, ASA is joining the bipartisan campaign self-described as “amplifying the voices of American farmers, ranchers and agricultural businesses that support free trade.” ASA CEO Ryan Findlay says agriculture needs “strong like-minded allies” in advocating for new trade agreements and expanding …


Farmers for Free Trade Places More Anti-Trade War Advertising

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Farmers for Free Trade is again placing advertisements on cable television showing an on-the-ground look at how current trade disputes are damaging export markets for U.S. farmers. In conjunction with the U.S. Apple Association, the advertisement targets the retaliations to the Section 232 tariffs that include U.S. apples. Airing on television news networks frequently watched by President Trump, the advertisement …


Farmers for Free Trade Suggestions on Improving China/U.S. Trade Relations

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Farmers for Free Trade call the framework of a trade agreement between the U.S. and China as a good first step toward ending tensions that have hurt American agriculture. The group applauds the Trump Administration’s focus on supporting U.S. agricultural exports. However, they do note that there’s still a lot of work to do in order to put a solid …


Farmers for Free Trade Continues Ad Campaign Aimed at President Trump

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Farmers for Free Trade released another television ad on Thursday as part of the effort to highlight the damaging impact retaliation from a series of new tariffs will have on critical ag exports. The new spot features Indiana corn and soybean grower Brent Bible, whose soy operation relies on exports to China, as do many more across the country. “I’m …


Farmers for Free Trade Launching $500,000 Ad Campaign on Trade

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Farmers for Free Trade is gearing up for a half-million-dollar ad campaign for a new television ad warning against the aggressive trade policies of President Trump. Farmers for Free Trade says those policies make agriculture a prime target against trade retaliation. The ad will highlight Montana grain and oilseed farmer Michelle Erickson-Jones. It’s scheduled to run on Fox and Friends, …

U.S. Ag Pays the Price for Trade Disputes

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The Farmers for Free Trade Group released a report this week that highlights how American farmers and ranchers have paid the price in trade disputes. Consequences usually happen in the form of retaliatory tariffs. The report comes out as the Trump Administration makes a final decision on placing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. That would be on top of …

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Farmers for Free Trade Attend NAFTA Negotiations in Montreal

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The advocacy group Farmers for Free Trade took a contingent of American farmers and agricultural officials to Montreal, where the sixth round of NAFTA negotiations are ongoing. The goal was to speak out about the importance of the NAFTA and the need for some certainty as farmers make choices for the upcoming growing season. Terry Nelson is a diversified cattle …