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Agri View: Growing Family Farms

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Which size farms are growing in America? Everett Griner talks about family farms dominate in the United States in today’s Agri View. Growing Family Farms Yes, it is a fact that American farms are getting larger. It doesn’t mean that they are all corporate owned though. The largest part of U.S. agriculture is still the family owned farm. That is …

family farms

Agri View: Old Family Farms

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Everett Griner talks about America’s oldest family farms in today’s Agri View.         How long have you owned the farm on which you live right now? More than one state honors a family who has owned the same farm for 100 years or longer. See, where I live, that place is designated as a “Century Farm” and …


Family Farm Action Lobbying Group Launched

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A new political organization says it will fight for America’s family farmers and rural communities. The Family Farm Action group was launched this week, and says it will “fight to protect” America’s family farms and rural communities from multinational agribusiness monopolies that are “destroying rural economies and way of life.” The Kansas City, Missouri-based group’s President Joe Maxwell, a Missouri …

Large Family Farms Continue to Dominate U.S. Agricultural Production

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Nearly all farms in the U.S. are designated as family farms, according to new data by the Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service. USDA found that in 2015, farms designated as family farms accounted for 99 percent of U.S. farms and 89 percent of production. On family farms, the principal operators and their relatives, by blood or marriage, own more …