Agri View: California Food and Fiber

Dan Cotton, Fruits, Vegetables

    Everett Griner talks about California producing more than just food in today’s Agri View.   When most people think about farming and California they think about fruit, nuts and vegetables. They know where that beautiful cauliflower, carrots and celery comes from. You only have to mention grapes and big juicy peaches to remind people of California. Nobody has …


Salad Shortage Because of California Rains

Dan Field Crops, Industry News Release

Over the last several years, California farmers have been plagued by drought. However, the problem in 2017 is too much rain, which may be putting a squeeze on the nation’s salad supplies. A Bloomberg report says it may take until sometime in May before the nation’s grocery store shelves are fully stocked with salads again. Unusually warm weather meant an …