Celebrate Avocados in June

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A ten-year milestone for a certain fruit.  That’s today’s This Land of Ours. Ten years ago, the California Avocado Commission first observed June as the official California Avocado Month and they continue the tradition this year. Avocados are grown by about 3000 California growers primarily with Groves from San Diego to Monterey. The California Avocado Commission was created in 1978 …


Avocados Are Good for More Than Guacamole

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It’s a Cinco de Mayo favorite, but avocados are good for more than just guacamole. A study published recently in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that eating avocados may lower the chances of heart attacks and heart disease. They compiled research collected over the last 45 years. Medical News Today says, “After adjusting for major dietary and lifestyle …


Decision-Support Tool Using HiPerGator May Help Manage Devastating Avocado Disease

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UF/IFAS researchers are working on a decision-support app to help policy makers and growers decide the best regional treatment options for laurel wilt disease, which is challenging Florida’s $35 million-a-year avocado crop. Laurel wilt disease is spread by several ambrosia beetle vectors. People, whether they grow avocados or not, can spread the beetles when they move infested wood products – …

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National Avocado Day a Reminder of the Fruit’s Popularity

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Pass the guacamole: July 31 is National Avocado Day, a good time to celebrate the traits of another delicious, nutrient-packed food and Florida crop, say University of Florida experts. While some people simply love the taste of guacamole, others also value the healthy traits of the fruit with which it’s made, the avocado. “Most notably, they are a good source …

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Southern Region Noncitrus Fruit and Nut

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Key findings for the Southern Region: Avocados: Florida’s utilized production is down 13 percent from 2015 and the associated value of production is down 7 percent. The Laurel Wilt disease continues to have a negative impact on Florida avocado groves. Blueberries: The value of utilized production for the United States is down 13 percent for 2016. Georgia’s utilized production is …

Problem Expands for Avocado Growers

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by Brad Buck, University of Florida,/IFAS 9 beetle species carry deadly fungus Many people love their avocados – not to mention guacamole dip. So it was bad enough when scientists said a beetle was ravaging avocado trees in South Florida. Then scientists found out that the redbay ambrosia beetle — originally determined to transmit laurel wilt — is rare in …

Super Bowl Avocados

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If you have not invited avocados to grace your Super Bowl party table, you are missing out. Cathy Isom tells you all about the single-seeded fruit that’s expected to be a big hit during the big game this weekend. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.