Spotting, Stopping, and Prevent Some Destructive Pests

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How to spot, stop, and prevent some destructive pests in your garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. Armyworms are pesky pests that eat grass, vegetables, and ornamentals, destroying entire plants quickly. Armyworms aren’t worms. They’re the caterpillars of several moth species. The markings are hard to distinguish and tell apart from other larvae species. There are several …

fall armyworms

Fall Armyworms Making Early Appearance

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Fall armyworms are already making their presence known in Alabama. Usually seen later in the year, mild winter conditions and warm spring temperatures made for early development and emergence of fall armyworms. “We had a mild winter so, everything is running a few weeks ahead of schedule this year,” said Katelyn Kesheimer, an Alabama Extension entomologist. “Spring temperatures were above average …