Florida Breathes Easier After Dodging ‘Big One’

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“A lot of the ag producers out there are so grateful that we didn’t have a straight-on hit, that they’re starting to coordinate as well through us some of the products we might be able to send down to the Bahamas,” Fried said. TALLAHASSEE (NSF) — Emergency operations slowly started to wind down Wednesday as Hurricane Dorian remained offshore, inching …


Agri View: Unfavorable Weather Outlook

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Everett Griner talks about the unfavorable weather outlook. Everett talks about another drought forecast in today’s Agri View. Unfavorable Weather Outlook I told you just a few days ago that long range forecasters were forecasting droughts, floods, and hot weather ahead for this summer. Today I received a feature story about a drought already showing signs in the southwest. I …


Agri View: Long Range Weather Outlook

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Everett Griner talks about the long-range weather forecast not good for parts of the United States in today’s Agri View. Long Range Weather Outlook You know one of the most difficult things for anybody to do is accurately forecast the weather. But here is what long-range forecasters are telling us about the rest of 2018. More droughts. More floods. And, …

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Southern Plains Drought Becoming “Rapidly Dire”

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The latest Drought Monitor released Thursday suggests the situation in the Southern Plains is becoming “rapidly dire.” February 14th marked the 124th consecutive day without rain in Amarillo, Texas, and the 98th consecutive day without measurable precipitation for Lubbock, Texas. The western half of Oklahoma and northern Texas are classified in an extreme drought, with nearly all of both states …

La Niña

CME Analysis Warns of La Niña Risks

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An analysis by CME Groups says the La Niña weather phenomenon may be coming back for real this time, after a head fake last year. La Niña is associated with cooler, wetter conditions along the U.S.-Canadian border, warmer, drier conditions in much of the southern United States, and impacts weather patterns worldwide. CME Group Senior Economist Erik Norland says past …