Tax Breaks Approved for Florida Farmers

Dan Economy, Florida, Legislative

In a rare Sunday conclusion to the legislative session, the Florida House and Senate approved a tax package that provides relief for farmers impacted by Hurricane Irma, while also offering sales-tax breaks at the start of the school year and hurricane season. According to a story from the News Service of Florida, Senate Finance and Tax Appropriations Chairwoman Kelli Stargel …


Agri View: Food Dollars

Dan Agri View, Economy

Everett Griner talks about what we actually are getting for our food dollars in today’s Agri View. Food Dollars You know the major concern of today’s food shopper is price. Quality is the next highest priority. Little thought is given to what their dollars spent for food is doing otherwise. Well, here is a couple of things you might consider. …


Congress Fixing Farm Co-op Tax Change

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

A provision in the overhaul of the U.S. tax code had some unintended negative side effects on certain agribusinesses across the country. The provision gives producers a chance to cut down on their taxable income if they sell their commodities to agricultural cooperatives. It appears that farmer-owned cooperatives like CHS, Inc., came out ahead of other agribusiness giants like Cargill …

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Agri View: Political Questions and Issues

Dan Agri View, Legislative

Everett Griner talks about some of the political questions and issues facing agricultural producers in today’s Agri View. Everett discusses what Congress has been most focused on — taxes and foreign labor. These two factors have more impact on agriculture than all of the others combined. But, Everett also asked questions about other issues that need to be covered for agriculture. …


Tax Bill Includes One of Agriculture’s Top Goals, with a Caveat

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

House Republicans are out with their tax bill, and it includes one of the agriculture’s top goals, with a caveat. Republicans plan to eliminate the estate tax. But, in a move that will ease the loss of revenue and help counter Democrats’ criticism the bill favors the rich, the GOP will double exemptions for estate taxes and then end the …