Peanuts More Nutritious Than You Think

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Let’s talk about nutrition. The peanut is a plant-based protein. Like peanuts, which is said to be healthier than the typical animal protein found in fast food. Tyron Spearman fills us in about a report from The Peanut Institute.

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Peanut Industry Collecting Data To Sell More Peanuts

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The peanut industry is working on collecting data from all of their farmers so they can sell more peanuts. Peanut growers are now able to access the Sustainable U. S. Peanut Initiative. It’s a platform and program available on your computer. The program, run by the American Peanut Council, will use this data, voluntarily supplied by peanut growers, who want …

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Two Events Designed to Promote Peanuts

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There are two events here in the Southeast. One took place this week, while the other is taking place next week. Both are designed to promote peanuts during National Peanut Month. Tyron Spearman has more information.

No Rotations for Some Georgia Peanuts? It Could Happen to Avoid Paying High Fertilizer Costs

Clint Thompson Georgia, Peanuts

By Clint Thompson Crop rotations are essential for peanut production in Georgia. Peanuts need to be rotated every year to avoid the buildup of nematodes and disease pressure. But that may not matter to some growers this year, who may not rotate their crop to avoid paying high fertilizer costs. Bob Kemerait, University of Georgia Extension plant pathologist, has concerns …