Producers Urged to Participate in a National Grazing Management Survey

Dan Agri-Business, Beef, Cattle

Image by ivan_dzyuba/DepositPhotos

Cattle producers across the county are being urged to participate in a national grazing management survey. While the U.S. beef industry works to protect natural resources and biodiversity, the world does not always realize all the great work producers are doing on the landscape, with activists and others creating a negative impression with our consumers. So, to correct those impressions, your help is needed. Producers are invited to complete a short, anonymous survey designed to gain new information on the current use of grazing management plans in the U.S. beef industry. 

Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary, and all responses will be kept in strict confidence. The data analysis will be released in summary form only and no identifying information will be included. Information collected from the survey will not be used or distributed for future research studies. 

The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete and includes questions related to your cattle operation and grazing management practices. The study is being conducted by Kansas State University faculty and graduate student researchers. 

Please use this link to access the survey.